Friday, 25 September 2015

Dorm room ideas

Hey y'all ! Schools have already started once again...yeah...
However, I'm here today to share a little secret with you guys in order to make this school/college/university year a little more tolerable.
The secret lies in the environment that you spend most of your time in...your room/dorm room.
Since most students spend a lot of time in their rooms studying (or maybe not), it is important that this place is a pleasant and relaxing environment to live in. So go ahead, put some posters and photographs on this dull, boring wall that's right beside you, put some fairy lights (girls, I know you love them), don't be afraid to put some vibrant colours on your walls! Trust me, if the room you live and spend most of your time has a piece of you and your soul, then the time spent in this room is certainly more pleasant ;) I'll leave some ideas that I found interesting down bellow


Add some cushions and pillows* (and other fluffy stuff)

*Colourful cushions and pillows


Be symmetrical 

Or not...

Till next time

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