Monday, 8 September 2014


Hello to all of you around the world!
This is a blog for everyone who's interested in life, adventures, arts, sciences and positive thinking! I had be planning to start a blog for the last couple of months and since it has become a modern craze I thought I should give it a try!
Here are some things you need to know about me:

-My name is Marina
-I was born in the 90's
-I love rock and classical music

-I play piano, guitar, drums and I sing
-I have band
-Kind of a bookworm
-I like spending my free time taking photographs, traveling, listening/playing music, drawing and fashion
-I do sports (although I'm not a fanatic) like tennis, ski and windsurfing
-I prefer winter over summer
-Give me food and I'm your best friend

Finally, this blog will be about...everything! From trips and traveling to fashion and lifestyle, from music and arts to my everyday school life and ambitions!
Feel free to contact me anytime you want! And from now on, I'm ~MarinaRocks~
See you around folks


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