Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Back to school

Good day everybody!
  Just woke up this morning realizing that in 2 days I have to go back to the boring routine of a high school student! Books and notes, classes of ancient greek and history, not to forget mathematics and chemistry! Damn it, I don't want all of these again! I've had enough!

  Yet, there's something in the back of my little mind that keeps me hanging on and gives me the courage and strength to continue.And that is the friendships, the everyday jokes with my classmates, the feeling of happiness (and relief) when you have successfully done a mathematical equation, the chemistry experiments etc.
And that's when I came to the conclusion that if there's something I'm totally going to miss is these times of joy, happiness, sadness, anger that every student has! And even though I'm going through the last and most pressuring year of my school life, I'm still optimistic and in the end, looking forward to kick this year's a#$!!! 

  But, If you don't feel the same way as I do, and you are absolutely fed up with this boring school routine, there are several things you could do in order to encourage yourself to keep going on and strong ;)
Here are some simple tips:
Get colourful!

Buy notebooks and memo books with colourful, joyful covers! This will encourage you to take notes during classes and never miss a thing ;)
  2) Find a subject or even a teacher that inspires you to study! 
 I had a serious problem with history a couple years ago which had an also serious impact on my grades...However, the next year we had an exceptionally good teacher in our history class with whom I was totally inspired to start reading!
  3) Go out! Have a little break!
When you feel pressured and ready to give up, go out! Call some of your best friends and have a night out for a drink or a stroll in the park/city for coffee! You could even arrange a schedule that contains some hours of relaxation and fun where you can do whatever pleases you!
4) Organize, organize, organize!!!
Last but not least, organize! Make a program where you have your hours of study and your daily school schedule so that you have your tasks and studies in order ;)  Oh! And don't forget: NEVER POSTPONE YOUR CHORES FOR TOMORROW!! Do what you have to do and never say "I'll maybe do that tomorrow"!!

See you around folks ;)

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